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Finding a quality professional to fill your organization’s staffing needs can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Hiring the wrong individual can have an adverse effect on the business for many years to come.

Our Professional Staffing Group specializes in finding the right individual who is the right fit for your organization. The group’s extensive pre-qualification process includes phone screening, face-to-face interviews, direct report reference checks, peer reference checks and, where necessary, testing of applicable skills. This saves you time, money and provides assurance that the pool of candidates you meet have met, and sometimes exceeded, your expectations.

As part of a large business advisory firm, we understand each position we place since we work with these highly specialized roles within our building every day. And the firm’s clients serve all of the roles we place. So we truly understand your industry, the position we are filling and the importance of only recommending candidates that will be a good fit for your unique company.